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SmallClaim.com Additional Services

Name Change ServiceGet Started ➤

We professionally prepare all of your name change documents, whether you are an adult filing for yourself, or filing for your minor child.

Divorce ServiceGet Started ➤

We professionally prepare your initial divorce documents and mail you the completed forms once you have approved the contents. Either you or your divorce attorney can then file the case with the court.

Living Trust ServiceGet Started ➤

At its most basic, a trust is property placed in the care of a trustee or trustees for the benefit of a beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Process ServingGet Started ➤

In order to sue someone in a small claims court, you must deliver the paperwork pertaining to the lawsuit to the defendant. This is what we call "Process Serving". Our professional registered process servers will attempt to serve the defendants(s) at your requested location or we can attempt to locate the defandant through public records if you do not have an address.

Skip Tracing ServiceGet Started ➤

We specialize in finding information and locate people. If you realy need professional skip tracing then we are here to assist you.

Case Dismissal ServiceGet Started ➤

Having your small claim case dismissed during the proceedings usually creates problems you may not be able to fix. Our experts can settle down case dismissal without leaving any mess.

Case Amendment ServiceGet Started ➤


Postponement of Trial DateGet Started ➤


Subpoena Filing ServiceGet Started ➤