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Small Claims Judgment Enforcement

Did you win a money judgment? Collecting Your Judgment


Collect money from an individual or business that is owed to you after you win your small claims court money judgment.


You won your case and the Clerk of the court has entered a judgment against the other party (judgment debtor).  It is up to you to collect the money that the Court ordered the debtor to pay.  The Court will not collect your money for you.

Our service explains how to:

  1. Begin the collection process.
  2. Demand that the losing party come to court and show their assets. (Order To Appear For Examination)
  3. Have money deducted from the other party’s paycheck and sent to you. (Wage Garnishment)
  4. Have money taken from the other party’s bank account and sent to you. (Bank Levy)
  5. Put a lien on the other party’s property. (Abstract of Judgment Filing & Recorded With County Records) 
  6. Determine the total amount owed to you and properly file the forms to show this amount with the court. 
Abstract of Judgment Filing $195.00
Writ of Execution Filing $99.95
  —   Wage Garnishment $199.95
  —   Bank Levy $199.95
Order To Appear For Examination $294.95
  Total $0.00