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SmallClaim.com Living Trust Service

What is a living Trust?

At its most basic, a trust is property placed in the care of a trustee or trustees for the benefit of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. A Living Trust is a trust that becomes active in the lifetime of the person who creates the trust by placing their assets into the trust. This Living Trust can allow you to better provide for yourself and your loved ones now, and after your passing.

With out Living Trust Service, we will assist you in creating the documents needed to:

  1. Name your Trustee and any Co-Trustees. Designate a Successor Trustee to take over in case of the incapacitation or death of the initial trustees, or, if you are the Trustee, even if you simply decide that you do not want the responsibility of handling the trust yourself.
  2. Transfer real property title to yourself, or your chosen Trustee, as Trustee of Your Trust.
  3. Designate beneficiaries, who will be able to inherit your property without having to go through probate.
  4. And put your mind at ease, that you have not only made your own life a little easier, but have simplified the process of providing for those you care about.

How much does it cost?

We offer our Living Trust Services starting at $199.95

To begin the process, you fill out our online questionaire. After that is completed, one of our document specialists will generate the documents for you and provide them for your review. Once the documents are approved by you, you simply need to print them out and take them to a Notary to execute the trust and finalize the transfer of any assets with titles into the name of the Trustee.

For further information, contact your local court or an attorney.



Living Trust $199.95
Expedited Handling and Processing $35.00
  Total $199.95