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They needed the minimum of input from us, and provided everything that we were hoping for. I am thrilled with the result. Many thanks.
Dave Richardson
Los Angeles, CA
Thank you very much for your very attentive customer service. Much appreciated. It is always refreshing to deal with a company who truly treats their customers well. It makes a big difference, and I would always choose customer service over extra bells and whistles.
Sandra Walker
Huntington Park, CA
Thank you! Your service was very easy to use, a great price, and your follow up thorough - I appreciate the updates and look forward to using smallclaim.com to resolve an issue.
Jones Robinson
McFarland, CA
We are delighted....Thank you so much! Look forward to seeing the effects and working with you again. You have been refreshingly wonderful!"
Garcia Allen
Villa Park, CA
Wow thank you, SmallClaim.com made it so simple to file and serve. I got my deposit back and made the defendant pay for their fees
John Zabasky
Los Angles, CA
I got the Platinum Package that has all included Not only they file but they even serve the defendant for only $69.00. Thank you smallclaim.com
Courtney Mccrystal
Pasadena, CA